It is rare in the EDM scene to find a duo that not only contributes equally in the studio with their productions, but also contributes equally on stage in front of a crowd.

Krillz & Kontrol, aka TRPMSTR, are the exceptions. Normally when you see two EDM guys on stage together, one of them is standing there doing nothing while the other is doing all the work (if anything other than pushing play). That is not the case with this dynamic duo. Their live shows are filled with unparalleled energy that takes the listener on a ride like no other. They flawlessly play off each other, layering beats, sounds and vocals in a style all their own.

Both Krillz & Kontrol are internationally known DJs who are deeply rooted in hip hop. For over three years, Krillz has been the official DJ for the legendary group 8-Ball & MJG, touring all over the world and sharing the stage with the biggest names in hip hop. During the same time, Kontrol has worked closely with the undisputed King of the Club Lil Jon, releasing dozens of remixes and collaborations. While other Trap groups rely on gimmicks and marketing to gain acceptance in this growing genre, TRPMSTR use their skill and unmatched knowledge of music to make their presence known.

When these two began creating Trap music, the genre didn’t even have a name. In fact, when they first began playing their tracks for Lil Jon years ago, they were still calling them “Crunk”. They have always been on the cutting edge and, as DJs, are both tastemakers in their own right. With support from DJs as big as Tiesto, the sky is the limit as these guys redefine what a group in EDM can be.